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Skin Care


Skin is among the most important parts of the human body. It is the largest organ and encloses all other internal organs inside. It acts as a protective barrier and with that, it requires a lot of attention and care. Just like brushing hair and going to the barber, the skin also requires the same treatment only that this, you can do it yourself just like brushing your teeth. Some conditions can push the skin beyond its limit, which will have a negative effect on other related organs. It is, therefore, important to be cautious. A few ways to protect your skin are explained below.

Four ways to protect the skin

Avoid sun exposureyuhyrsdtygjfdfhgfjg

Exposing skin to the sun is never a good idea, as the sun emits ultraviolet rays that affect the skin, causing manyΒ types of damages like skin cancer, freckles, age spots, benign growth, and discoloration. There are of course instances where one cannot avoid getting hit by sun rays. This is where skin care products come in. Always apply sunscreen whenever you go outdoor for some time, and try using caps, long sleeve shirts to limit body exposure to the sun.

Health precautions

Skin is a delicate organ and what comes in contact with it, can cause other complications in the body. Infections like cold sores and acne are typically caused by bacteria that are allowed to get in contact with the skin, pay attention to places you go and what touches your skin to minimize infections. The best way to prevent such infections is by avoiding sharing of personal effects like lip balms, toothbrush, drinking from the same bottle or cup and avoid touching your face with your fingers.

Hydrate well

ygjfcnfthrtyjgvhjbhjThe human skin needs to be moist or have enough water content. It needs a lot of fluids to maintain pliability, prevent scaling, and chapping of skin. Use good skin moisturizers like cream and lotion that do not contain sodium lauryl as it removes natural oil from the skin. When taking a shower, avoid hot bath since too much exposure to hot water drys skin and makes it scaly.

Know your skin type

People have different kinds of skin. Others are delicate while others are not. It is, therefore, important to note any change that comes up like moles, growth on the skin or freckles. This small issues may be an indicator of a bigger problem like skin cancer. Pay a visit to a dermatologist once or twice a year and maintain regular checkups when something unusual comes appears.…