Managing fatigue is difficult due to its vagueness as a symptom and condition. It is classified in various categories, either physical, emotional, or as symptom and disease on itself. Chances are always high that there are underlying medical issues behind fatigue e.g. a drop in blood sugar or depression. If you wish to feel better, these issues must be looked at. If you are not successful in pinpointing the source of your fatigue, you need to seek help from a doctor for a diagnosis. The source is most often traced back to bad lifestyle habits that have surfaced in our modern world. There are a lot of natural methodologies designed to fight fatigue, and they include the following.

How to relieve fatigue and stress build-up.

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There is a common assumption that once you feel fatigued, all you need is a nap. Surprisingly, lying in bed all day trying to recover from an illness is a good example that napping will make you feel more sluggish rather than feel better. Over resting has opposite effects than we assume it to have, while exercise which is overlooked boosts energy in our bodies for a long term. If you feel fatigued and you are glued to one position, you just need to get a healthy dose of refreshing air that replenishes your body and most importantly your mind. A bonus is once you go back to your nap it will be more meaningful and refreshing than before.

Potato water

Potato water has been used traditionally all over the world as a home remedy for feeling fatigued. Soak potato slices in water making a potassium filled drink that replenishes our body’s resource inventory, unlike magnesium that is readily produced by the body. Lack of enough of potassium in our muscles reduces the ability to move with ease due to nerve impulses not firing right.

Red blood cell count

Iron is an important nutrient in our body. With it, our bodies produce enough amount of red blood cells which contain a protein hemoglobin that carries oxygen absorbed by the body. Imagine a body without oxygen, functionality would reduce and cause cramping of muscles. This is a condition named anemia. To fight this, make some nettle leaf tea at home which is rich in iron and vitamin C.


Use of Ginseng

This herb dates back thousands of years to the traditional medical practice of the Chinese who are renowned all over the world for their prowess in herbology. This herbs utilities is of many varieties and can be a bit confusing. It’s classified as an ‘adaptogenic’ herb meaning it helps the body in adjusting to stress by adaptation, no matter the source of the stress. It helps balance stress hormones in the body (Cortisol) which has command over if you can sleep for a whole night or fall back asleep. Too much of it leaves a person feeling fatigued due to sleep disruption. Therefore, take a little bit of ginseng which will help regulate the amount of cortisol.

Energy drinks

Instead of running to the store to buy a small and expensive amount of energy boosting fluid, make yourself some at home. Most people find themselves buying fluids that harm them rather than help them. Make your mix of fruit juice that gives you the longer lasting energy boost you require.

Yoga sessions

Don’t judge an activity as boring and too common for your class or tastes without trying it out. In real sense yoga dates back centuries ago as a method of pain and a physical stress reliever. It’s not only for these two purposes but in a sense helps you reconnect to your spirit hence improving your moods. It mainly focuses on breathing technique, how to calm your mind and calming streams of thoughts that might bring about emotional stress. Nothing goes well in an exercise as combining a workout for both mind and body. Here’s a bonus, there is no need for joining a class since you can just do it at home. All you need is discipline.