A family is an important unit of the community. That is why most people dream of having their families one day. A family will involve having a number of children that one can comfortably raise by providing for them basic needs. In order to control the number of children one can have, they ought to use family planning. There are various family planning methods that one can use to achieve this. The following are the family planning benefits that one should know as they intend to start using the various family planning methods.

Good reproductive health

The various family planning methods often promote good reproductive health. This includes the oral combined pill. There are various benefits of the hormonal pill. One of the benefits is that one gets a hormonal balance which leads to them having regular periods. Besides that one also gets to decide on the contraception method which will make them decide whether they want periods or not. Besides that, one gets protection against various reproductive illnesses such as endometrial cancer and ovarian cysts. Some contraceptive methods are also good in preventing sexually transmitted infections like the condom.

Quality upbringing of children

2When one has a number of children that they can comfortably take care of, they will make sure that their children get the best of everything. This means they will have enough time to spend on their children without neglecting the other children. They also have enough resources to spend on the children they have had as a result of using family planning. This makes the children enjoy quality upbringing hence quality life.

Reduces maternal deaths

Every time a woman gets pregnant they face a risk of death through the whole pregnancy and childbirth process. The spacing of the children allows the woman’s body to heal completely before getting another baby. Using a family planning method of any kind, it means that the woman will not get pregnant until she is ready to have children. This also prevents the number of deaths occurring as a result of abortions. Abortion may not occur if the pregnancy was prevented in the first place.

Freedom for the couple

Using family planning will go a long way in helping the family achieve the freedom they want. This is in terms of when they will be ready to have the children and the number they will have. This will also help the couple meet their economic developments such that when the children come they are ready financially. It will also give them time to study if they intend to go back to school since it may be hectic to be a student and a parent at the same time.


Good of the community

When couples manage to plan on the number of children they have, it is also an advantage to the community since there will be no strain on the resources available. The community will also be able to plan properly for the available resources.

In order to get the correct contraceptive method, one should seek medical advice so that they get to know which the best one for them.